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Welcome To Swing To Here Swingers Contacts.

Here at "Swing to Here" I have thousands of local swingers and millions of national swingers waiting to meet people like you.

I am JoJo, and I am your web misstress. If you have any questions you cannot find an answer to on the following pages then please drop me an email via the contact page and I will do my best to answer them for you.

If you have a problem with the site or your subscruption, please click here to contact the Helpdesk.

We work hard to eliminate Fake Profiles

  • We require email confirmation before making profiles live.
  • We require image confirmation before making initial image live. This helps us reduce revenge porn.
  • We monitor all profiles and remove personal details. This helps us eliminate profiles being created with another persons details.
  • We do not allow Escorts to advertise - just Swingers and Kinksters.
  • We do not allow the advertising of Products or Services in our profiles.

Our Helpdesk is staffed 24 x 7, so profiles and images are approved with the minimum of delay. If you change your profile information the old info is displayed until the new version is approved.

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Why Join Swing To Here?



We have been helping Swingers meet up since 1998! We are not going to disappear overnight.

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Growing Membership

We have over 5.5 Million Members, with a current growth rate of over 50,000 new members per day.

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Discreet & Secure

Your messages can only be viewed by logging into the system. We do not send them to your email.

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Chat Rooms

We have a wide range of Voice and Video Chat Rooms covering lots of topics.

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Member Galleries

Our members have posted millions of photos and videos for your enjoyment.

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Search Tools

Extensive search tools help you find playmates who share your interests.

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Lifestyle Socials, Parties and Holidays

Lifestyle Socials and Clubs

We have collected the details of about 2000 Lifestyle Clubs around the world.

As we operate many websites we have created a central resource where we list the clubs by type and country.

  • Swingers Clubs.
  • Gay, Lesbian and Trans Clubs.
  • BDSM and Fetish Clubs.

If you know of a club we do not have listed, please drop me a line.

Lifestyle Holidays

Swingers Holidays are a great way to make new friends.

  • Everyone at the resort is looking for swinging fun - No trying to guess who the players are.
  • Clothes are usually an optional extra.
  • Swingers resorts are of course child free, so a peacefull vacation awaits you.

Pay a visit to our Holidays site - We are not Middlemen, just follow the link to the resort and then book on their website.

Have a great vacation